Mushroom cultivation :

Agriculture promotion is the major focus for ensuring livelihoods of rural people in SUPPORT’s operational area. Apart from the conventional livelihood options for rural population, SUPPORT promotes allied activities and NTFT to ensure livelihood for landless and marginal farmers. These livelihood options supplement agricultural income and protect the family from financial crunch during crop failure. Major activities under micro-enterprise development are Pig rearing, Goat rearing, Poultry, Duckkery, Fishery, Mushroom &vermi-compost production, tailoring and Lac cultivation.

Livestock Development :

In SUPPORT we strive to enhance livelihood of landless and marginal farmers through promotion of agriculture allied activities. Livestock rearing is a major allied activity among the farmers. We promote pig rearing, poultry and duckery among tribal population as they have adopted these livelihood activities long ago and can learn improved management practices to enhance the scale and to have bigger profit.

Non Timber Forest Produces :

Non Timber Forrest Produces are other important source of income generation in rural areas. In our working area there is a plenty of Lac host plants like Bair, Palash and Kusum. We promote both Kusumi and Rangini Lac production depends upon the season and availability of lac host plants. We provide technical support to 105 farmers in the form of organizing training and exposure visits on improved practices of lac cultivation, input support in the form of providing brood lac, medicines and sprayer machine and after production of lac we also provide market linkage for ensuring good price for the farmers.