Major achievements with data : April 2017 to May 2018 :

VIII. Agriculture:-

  • I. High value kharif agriculture outreach 3226 HHs
  • II. High value Ravi agriculture outreach 2605 HHs
  • III. Summer High value agriculture outreach 810 HHs
  • IV. Total 302 SHGs Micro planning completed
  • V. Total 302 SHGs technical training provided
  • VI. Total 202 events conducted on agriculture on field training.
  • VII. Total 36 events conducted on Agriculture for staff (LRPs, ACs and BOD)
  • VIII. Total 3226 HHs covered Under Agriculture(Crops :- Paddy, Tomato, Chlli, Brinjal, Water melon, Musk melon, Bottle gourd Pea and potato)
  • IX. 12 production clusters created
  • X. 2 Hi tech poly Nursery established
  • XI. 2 Rural entrepreneurs created
  • XII. 22 lakhs soilless seedlings supplied through entrepreneurs at door steps.
  • XIII. New intervention Musk melon 100 HHs
  • XIV. Agriculture exposure inter village and others 86 events
  • XV. Tab based data entry 302


  • I. Total 36 Season management training provided
  • II. Staff capacity building training- 14 events
  • III. Outreach covered -413HHs Piggery
  • IV. Outreach covered -1318 HHs Goatry
  • V. Exposure -3 events


  • VIII. Outreach covered under lac cultivation -1048 HHs(Kusmi & Rangeeni lac)
  • IX. POP training on Lac at HHs level- 35 Events
  • X. Staff training-12 events
  • XI. Value addition- 4 Lac bangle making unit
  • XII. Mini Lac processing unit -1 running through VO as a entrepreneur
  • XIII. Created 7 brood lac entrepreneurs
  • XIV. FPC involved lac cultivation and business

Water resource development:-

  • V. 6 low land seepage well created
  • VI. 40 acres drip mulching established
  • VII. Solar based irrigation system created 1 site and 2 on going.
  • VIII. Management training on water user groups – 56 events


  • III. Inter cropping in horticulture patches
  • IV. 306 acres and HHs covered under Horticulture


  • IV. Initiative fishery activities 200 HHs
  • V. POP Training at HHs level -4 events
  • VI. Staff training- 2 events(FSP, ACs and BOD)

Water and sanitation & education

  • VII. Initiative water and sanitation -2 panchayat
  • VIII. Initiative education – 2 panchayat

Major impact of the programme in the working area (due to the project):

  • I. Demand led and door steps service delivery system by the rural entrepreneurs
  • II. 1230 lakh pati kisan established and changes there life style.
  • III. Changes Food habits and entertainment.
  • IV. Adapting new technology on income generate activity
  • V. Didis are Utilizing smart phone and scooty (increasing assets)
  • VI. Community institution working as a block growth.
  • VII. Children of interventional are going private school for better education.
  • VIII. Behavioral transformation like sanitation, vaccination and others
  • IX. Gender impartiality are there .
  • X. Maximum didis have own savings bank accounts and balance
  • XI. Didis are empowering like they deal to bank, block and others stakeholder .