Livelihood Enterprise Development Program(LEDP)

With the grant assistance of NABARD, SUPPORT is implementing Livelihood and Enterprise Development Program (LEDP), in two project area:

1.Mandu, Ramgarh District and

2.Dadi, Hazaribag District.

The objective of the program is to create the sustainable livelihood amongst Self Help Group (SHG) members, by giving them, valuable training on major livelihood activities and to set-up a demonstration plot there by one of the active farmer and adding value on their produce too.

With the budget of 9.1 Lakh (4.775 Lakh for Mandu and 4.325 Lakhs for Dadi), the project is able to bring significant impact to the life of SHG members, through the livelihood enterprise development.

During the project period of 15 months, the program covered 300 members from 60 SHG combing both the project district.

Major activities conducted:

  • 1. A baseline survey was conducted to figure out engagement in the agricultural crop of most of the SHG members.
  • 2. Prepared a survey list for interested SHGs and its members for this program.
  • 3. Exposure visit was organized for all the interested SHG members
  • 4. A 7-days, classroom training was conducted for 150 members with proper module follow-ups.
  • 5. Creation of demonstration field by CRP (Community Resource Person) or active farmers in project areas.
  • 6. Time to time refreshment training was organized
  • 7. Regular follow-up with trainees and motivate to do cluster farming as an enterprise basis.
  • 8. Dr S.N. Chaudhary, scientist, KVK, visited for technical training and support


  • . 130 members out of 150, went ahead for chilly cultivation
  • . A farmer named “Geeta Devi” prepared a demonstration plot of chilly cultivation that covered 1-acre area.
  • . An overall increase in the technical skills of the member like awareness about soil health, the variety of seeds, duration of crop etc.

Table: Status of LEDP Program

Sl. No. District Block Theme Duration No. of SHG Total Members
1 Ramgarh Mandu Chilly cultivation and processing 15 months 30 150
2 Hazaribag Dadi Lac cultivation and processing 15 months 30 150