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Jiwi Da Hassa (Jharkhand Mega Watershed Project)

This Project is being implemented in Noamundi and Jagannathpur blocks of West Singhbhum district with the funding support of Ford Foundation.

  1. Capacity building of staff of SUPPORT to sensitize and build knowledge and skills to work on gender issues.
  2. Capacity building of 600 women mates to engage in planning and implementation with a focus on building awareness about prevention and response to GBV along with every detail of roles of women mates in implementation of MGNREGA and required set of skills etc .
  3. Capacity building of 3000 active female job card holders, women’s collectives like Women mates forums, Gram Sabhas, all-women labor groups, engagement with 380 PRI members including women and thematically supporting women in all sphere of their life is the prime focus. This initiative will be sustained through field/block program facilitators by providing instant input to the respective women collectives. Strengthening weekly rojgar divas will help in demand generation, timely payment, issuance of muster roles, etc. Establishment of women Sahayta Kendra at Block level .
  4. Engagement with panchayat, block-level officials (30), district, and state-level departments (includes the whole range of institutions). These activities will help in reducing discrimination of women at public places and create an inclusive administrative structure .
  5. Collaboration with other NGOs and generating consolidated demands to share with GoJ for their decent working environment including timely payment and experience sharing at the district level .


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