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Social impact assessment (SIA) presents an important opportunity to draw cross-cultural encounters arising from project-based development efforts into wider procedures of engagement and negotiation that might address the imbalance in relationships between local communities, project proponents and states. SUPPORT has successfully completed “Conduction of Social Impact Assessment, SIA” at Hazaribagh, Koderma and Garwah districts Jharkhand. The social impact assessment project was funded by Department of Land Reforms, Acquisition and Rehabilitation, Hazaribagh, Garwha, and Koderma. The social impact assessment conducted due to road & canal constructions and further need for land acquisition. In the land acquisition process, the effect on the community is inevitable. Therefore, to manage the expected issues SIA was conducted. The SIA was done for road construction of: Jhumra to Ichack, Ichak to Barkatha to NH33 Surajkund, from St. Columbus college Hazaribag to Hatyari more, Hazaribag ring road, and Itkhori to Garupurha. In Garhwa, SIA was done for Raniya to Ranka road and Chiniya road. In Koderma, SIA was conducted for Pachkero Jalasay Yojna (canal construction between 5 villages) and for Korwa bypass Road.


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