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Sustainable Agriculture:

Our agriculture programme comprises of enhancing productivity of field crops to enhance food security, diversification of into less water intensive crops to reduce risk and promoting cultivation of vegetable for cash income. The productivity of the traditional farming system in these regions is very low. We have also been promoting System of Rice Intensification, Packages of Practices of agriculture crops and low cost farming system with higher productivity. As production increases, producers were linked to wholesalers and the agreement is working satisfactorily at the present scale of operation. We plan to promote producers organization to ensure fair prices and reliable access to inputs and services.

Land and water resource development :

SUPPORT works with poor, rural communities to help them become better environmental stewards in order to save their water resources and improve their living conditions through integration of watershed approach with livelihoods. SUPPORT works hand in hand with local people, providing them with the necessary tools for sustainably managing their Land and Water Resource while honouring their priorities, perspectives, and talents.


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