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Improvement of Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) facilities in 10 Government Schools in Churchu Block of Hazaribagh District (WASH)

The project is funded by CInI -Tata Trusts & HPCL with an objective to renovate 10 Government Schools in Churchu, Hazaribag to improve water and sanitation facilities with the provision of safe drinking water in the school premises

Major impact of the program:

In 10 targeted government school, renovation work was completed for school toilets with the provision of safe drinking water. The project highlights renovation work completed for school toilets, hand-wash units, and the establishment of water filters. The project also ensured running water supply in all the schools. For the sustainability, behaviour change practices were emphasized through several activities like Safai Abhiyan, School WASH Programme, using the pieces of pieces of equipment, and meetings with the stakeholders. Special effort was given for addressing issues of their difficulty, and psychological barrier.

ODF Sustainability and Menstrual Health Management (MHM)

Taking in continuation the WATSAN Programme, 1000 households in Churchu, Hazaribagh significantly lack quality facility in toilets and also the provision of safe drinking water. Quality work has been done by the WATSAN team in bringing 60% usability ratio. Menstrual Health Management (MHM) is the need of the hour. Women/Adolescents who menstruate have severe social and system taboos and stigma on issue of MHM. This project aims to empower those menstruating women/adolescent’s to come above the stigma and live a life with dignity, share their problems with courage and have better understanding. It says “ ChuppiTodo ; SwasthyaRaho “ which is one of the famous tagline behind Menstrual Health Management. The project is funded by CInI-Tata Trusts.

Real Change Makers

Lalmuni Marandi W/o Bimal Hansda, Vill – Chanaro (Parbad tola), Po – Churchu, Ps – Charhi, Hazaribagh Before joining SUPPORT, she was unaware of the fact that what problems arise during period’s , the consequences involved and how a menstruating women/lady could lead a life with dignity. There are lots of myths involved like no worship, not seeing to the mirror and not touching the cow. The day she joined SUPPORT, got trained by professional trainer’s , she is now able to capture the consequences and also the solution involved. Her myths have vanished and now she is able to speak to community personnel on issues related to Menstrual Health Management (MHM). She goes to School and talk with students of Class 6th to Class 8th on this issue. She is a positive change maker who is now in a role to


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