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Mahila Kisan Shashatikaran Pariyojana - MKSP supported by JSLPS, GoJ & MoRD - GoI.

Under Mahila Kissan Shashaktikaran Pariyojana , SUPPORTT is implementing the project titled “Resource Development & Farm Skill up gradation of Women SHG members for enhanced Livelihood security & Economic well being” in Mandu block of Ramgarh district, Jharkhand, targeting 3000 Small & Marginal women farmers as the project beneficiaries. The project is funded by Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India and Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion (JSLPS), Govt. of Jharkhand. The project has been conceptualized to improve the status of ‘Women in Agriculture’, and to enhance the opportunities for her empowerment. The core agenda of the project is to nurture sustainable institutions around agriculture and allied activities, develop sector specific and geography-specific best package of practices and create a wide pool of community resource persons for promotion of sustainable agriculture practices Major achievements during April

An Entrepreneur woman: A case study of Mrs Geeta Devi

Mrs Geeta Devi is an active leader of Jagriti Mahila Vikas Sangh, Mandu dig formed in the year 2002 with twenty members in a group. Under her leadership, the economic and social status of women has been enhanced. Now all 20 women are engaged in diff activities Hotel, Poultry, Grocery, Mini dairy. The group could be linked with a bank of India, Mandu branch and took three times the first cycle 8000-second cycle 30000 and third cycle 100000 under SHG-Bank linkage programme. After a long struggle with villagers men and block, the group took responsibility to construct PCC road in the village. Now every person sees them with respect. Mrs Geeta Devi is not limited only with her group but helping other women and group in linkages and microfinance.


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